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Our homes drainage system is an often overlooked , but integral part of our everyday life, we don’t really see it or even think about it – That is until a problem occurs…

These problems could include blockages, which can cause flooding, Leakage, which can undermine structures, Infestation of vermin as they enter a poorly maintained system or even the risk of causing health and environmental issues should sewage escape.

We at FTDS can assist with either the prevention, by undertaking routine maintenance or provide a cost effective cure to a system that is already showing signs of failing.

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Our Services Include: 

CCTV Drainage Inspections

These can be undertaken anytime, particularly should you see signs that a system is not performing as effectively as it should. Indications that there are drainage issues can include foul smells, poorly draining sinks or toilets, surface depressions developing in gardens or drives or even manholes overflowing.

Drain Unblocking

A blocked drain is an issue that no homeowner would wish to come across but, should the worst happen, then we at FTDS can provide an effective, timely solution. With our high pressure jetting options, mechanical methods and specialist equipment, we can both clear the blockage quickly then identify and provide a solution to whatever caused the problem in the first instance.

Root Ingress Removal

Should our initial inspections identify root ingress as a problem within the drainage system, then we at FTDS can again help out. We can first of all remove all roots before installing a no-dig repair to ensure that the offending roots cannot simply grow back and cause future issues.

No-Dig Drainage repairs and Lining

Usually, when any issue is identified within a drainage system, the initial reaction is to ‘dig it up and replace’ but we at FTDS can offer much less intrusive No-Dig solutions through either full length lining of the pipe or even just a small localized repair. These processes remove the requirement for any excavation and can save on both cost and time – not to mention the disruption caused when the problem lies underneath your garden, patio or extension…

Rodent Control

Mention sewers or drains and many people automatically think of rats….any breaks, holes, cracks or displaced joints are all weak points where rodents can access your system, we at FTDS can identify and seal any potential weaknesses before any infestation breaks out…

Sewer Mapping

FTDS use some of the latest drain tracing equipment which enables us to map and fully document any sewage or drainage system with extreme accuracy. An invaluable service when looking to plan property extensions, renovations or installing new buildings.

Homebuyers Drain Reports

More and more mortgage companies and property surveyors are insisting on full drainage surveys being carried out when you are either selling or purchasing a new home. They offer assurance that there are no underlying issues that may cause future failure of the drainage system which in turn can lead to larger property problems such as subsidence or even the formation of sinkholes. FTDS have fully qualified engineers which enable us to produce detailed drainage condition reports alongside video footage for complete piece of mind. 

More and more people are undertaking these types of surveys when purchasing a new home as they begin to realize the effects that a defective pipe network running pretty much directly under the home can have. Should your drainage system have failed in the past then the chances are that waste water will have been escaping for anything up to a number of years causing both contamination to the ground and possible destabilization of the surrounding ground – not a good combination with the house foundations in the locality…

We can offer a very competitive quote for these works and will provide a full survey with a report produced by a suitably qualified engineer, along with video footage of all drains surveyed.

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