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We at “FTDS Ltd” have worked with, and continue to work with, some of the UKs leading companies as a specialist contractor on prestigious projects throughout the country, from Sewer rehabilitation works on the London Underground Network to the relining of drainage ducts running through golf courses in the highlands of Scotland. Our team of experienced engineers can offer solutions to the majority of drainage issues varying from small bore 100mm pipelines through to road or rail culverts with diameters upwards of 1500mm.

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We can offer a wide range of services, which include amongst others: 

Full-length structural UV pipe lining

This process involves the rehabilitation of drainage systems without the need for costly and disruptive digging of trenches. A structural lining is pulled through the existing host pipe, inflated with air and then cured in place with UV light- all this with the only access required being from two manholes along the length of the pipe.




Lengths of up to 400m with diameters ranging from 150mm to above 1500mm can be installed using this method in a fraction of the time taken by traditional open cut methods. Any connections into the newly renovated pipe are then re-opened with the use of advanced milling machines, which are driven into the pipe and controlled remotely from the vehicle on the surface. Using this method means that assets can Be back In use within the same day, as a fully cured pipe within a pipe, perfect for situations where road closures or disruption to the railway would cause untold inconvenience and interruption to services. Varying pipe cross sections can be repaired using this energy efficient, low environmental impact method and many different shapes have been completed from the basic circular through to the more unusual…


CCTV Pipeline Inspections

FTDS now use Mainline Tractor Cameras and Rigid Push Rod Cameras as part of their specialized drain clearing and pipe relining services. The CCTV drain cameras travel down into the pipes to conduct drain inspections and can show us exactly what’s going on several meters under the ground. Our drain camera technology is exceptional, with clear colour images that allow us to easily, and confidently identify issues within the pipe that could develop into damage later.

The crystal clear images can also show our expert staff exactly what is causing a blockage/problem in order that further damage can be prevented.

All cameras we use have built in Sondes which are locator devices used in underground surveying, which mean that we can pinpoint the exact location and depth of the camera in the drainage system. The huge advantage of this is that we can find exactly where the blockage or damaged section in a pipeline is, or can even just survey the current pipe system so it can be mapped onto a site plan. We record the camera’s footage straight onto either memory stick’s, DVDs or even upload them directly, so we can show our customers exactly, and immediately, where the drainage problems are. We can then detail possible solutions to ensure that the problems can be rectified in the most cost and time efficient manner.

High Pressure Water Jetting

Our High Pressure Water Jetting Units are designed as  high velocity water jetting system for the purposes of root removal, scouring and back flushing of sewers and drains. The high velocity water is propelled through nozzles via a pressure hose. Our specialised nozzles are designed with positioned jets that allow it to self-propel and efficiently clean pipelines. A hydraulic reel, fixed to the rear of the vehicle, controls the rate of travel.



We stock a large selection of specialist nozzles to enable us to cover a large variety of tasks including:

  • Clearing of blockages
  • Root removal
  • Debris removal
  • Encrustation removal
  • De-greasing
  • Concrete Removal – One of our latest innovations for the sub-surface industries – Ultra High pressure water Jetting that is capable of cutting through hardened concrete with needle jet precision and control. With pressures of up to 40,000PSI at our fingertips, we can make light work of even the toughest materials in the most difficult to reach locations.


Sub surface Robotic Cutting

The use of robotic technology has led to massive improvements in how sewer and storm water pipes can be repaired and unblocked. Among the benefits that robots provide is their ability to allow work to be done with minimal disruption to the environment.

As an example, if there’s an obstruction in a pipe five metres underground it’s much easier and usually quicker to send a robot into the pipe to clear it versus excavating. We at FTDS Ltd have made use of robots to repair sewer and storm water pipes and are amongst the industry leaders in using this type of technology.

Localized Point repairs

A sectional point repair can be installed to repair any individual defect that we may come across during our investigations, these are a cost effective solution when the whole line does not require rehabilitation. Defects can include, root ingress, holes, cracks and defective joints in the ageing pipework and sections can be repaired up to 300mm in length, in a single application and installed within a couple of hours on site.

After the defect has been identified, the line is cleaned and the point repair prepared by wrapping a resin impregnated matting around an inflatable packer. This is then inserted into the pipe to the point of the defect (1.) and then inflated to a recommended pressure (2.). The repair is allowed to remain in position, under pressure, for a specified length of time before the packer is deflated, leaving the matting fixed in place covering and sealing the original defect (3.).





Root ingress removal

Root ingress is a very common problem as roots can easily find there way into an aging sewer system through small cracks, breaks and failed joints. These roots thrive in the conditions found within drains and can quickly cause blockage issues if not removed. We can remove these with either the robotic cutter or the high-pressure water jet and then repair the defective pipe with either a sectional pipe repair or full-length liner, to prevent the roots re-entering the system.


Drain Tracing & Mapping

Another service offered by us is Drain tracing & mapping where we will follow the line of a particular drain or network and plot these onto a highly accurate plan. These can be particularly useful when looking to build or extend around existing structures in order to prevent damage to the sewer system and causing potential environmental issues.

Manhole Rehabilitation

Often an overlooked component when looking at sewer rehabilitation but the manhole chamber is integral to the entire structure of the system and should the inner walls fail then costly blockages, road closures & excavations will be required. We can offer a full relining of manholes and wet wells to help prevent degradation, root ingress and water infiltration.


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